Apple Strudel

Apple Strudel

There is something about the sweet scent of apples. The scent of apples cooking in the kitchen would be enough to make you salivate. Furthermore when spices are added, a whiff of the scent would certainly never be enough.

There are many recipes centered around the humble but versatile apples. The classic apple pie, applesauce, apple crumble, apple upside down cake, just to name a few. The one I like most, make most, is definitely the apple strudel. I could still remember when I was young, the apple strudel was undoubtedly my favorite dessert to have, especially in fall.

It feels good to get away from more sinful treats like chocolate, nutella and just opt for the more natural and versatile fruit, the apple.

Just because you find one bad apple, that doesn’t you should give up on baking a strudel.

Apple strudel is one of the traditional deserts of Christmas. If you want to surprise your family and quest, try to make this Orange and Apple Strudel, stuffed with pistachios. The combination is just divine and it will bring a distinct Christmassy smell into your kitchen, allowing you to reminisce about your favorite Christmas celebration.

Fit to be served on its own but if you fancy adding more enjoyment to your guests’ palette, serve a slice or two with some vanilla ice cream or cream.

Trust me, it doesn’t take much skill to make this dessert.

Apple Strudel Recipe


Strudel dough* (see recipe below)

65g melted unsalted butter (2 tablespoons will be used for glazing apple strudel)

5 tablespoon of water  (additional 1-2 tablespoon can be added if required)

200g all-purpose flour

1/3 of a teaspoon of salt

Apple, orange, and pistachio filling

3 apples

1 orange – zest from one orange

5 tablespoons of brown sugar

4 tablespoons of pistachio nuts (without the shell)

3 teaspoons of ground cinnamon


3 tablespoon of icing sugar

Starting with the dough:

Mix together melted butter (leave about 3 tablespoons for later), warm water (lukewarm), flour, and salt. Start to form and nice dough mixing all ingredients together. For the best stretching result leave the dough on the side covered.

I will recommend about 20 min. After put the dough on the flour-covered surface and start making a rectangle. Continue to make rectangle till you feel the dough will not spread any more. This can be a big sheet on your working surface but don’t worry bigger mean better as it will create more layers in your strudel. I usually leave little dough on the side for some extra decoration.

When you will finish with your dough its time for filling.


Apples and orange should be washed properly as we will be using the topcoats as well. Cut apples into thin slices (take away the middle part of seeds first). And also peel the orange zest and cut into little pieces.


Put apple slices side by side on your sheet. Don’t worry if it seems too much as apples will soften in the oven and will become nice and soft. When your sheet is covered (leave 2 cm) on each side so it is easy to roll up.

And finally, add orange zest peels cut into fine pieces, pistachio nuts, brown sugar, and cinnamon.

This is our filling done.

Now its the time roll our apple strudel. Start folding the dough on each side so it will cover a little bit of your apple filling. When it’s done on all sides its time to start rolling apple strudel. Start rolling from the bottom to the top. Make sure it is tight and there are not any gaps. I know this can look a little scary but practice will make it perfect and you will learn how to make a perfect Christmas Strudel by the time you will finish rolling.

When the rolling is done and we have perfect strudel its time to decorate a little bit with our leftover dough. I usually cut little stars and decorate the top parts of strudel.


Now its baking time. Preheat your oven to 180 celsius. Cover your strudel with a little bit of melted butter before strudel is going into the over. Also, there is an option to add an egg for a more glazier effect.

Bake for 25 min till the strudel is nice golden color.

After taking out from the over leave it to rest for a little bit and when still warm serve with ice cream or cream.

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