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Best Long Slot Toaster – Toast Your Treats to Perfection

Toasters are a great way to get the goodness of electric oven toasts but using less electric energy. It makes toasting more efficient and more versatile. And what is better than a toaster for your toasting needs? A long slot toaster. Long slot toasters can efficiently toast at least double the amount of regular toasters. If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen toaster, you might want to check out our list of the best long slot toasters; the best when it comes to functionality, efficiency and general quality.

The Best Long Slot Toaster – The Most Highly Regarded

Ikich 4 Long Slice Toaster (B07R2LXPX2)

Ikich 4 Long Slice Toaster

Here is a toaster that truly saves you time because of its undeniable convenience.

The Ikich four long slice toaster has two slots that are ten inches long and 1 and a half inches wide. It has six settings, each for different purposes. It has a defrost setting so you will not have to wait for your bread to defrost naturally before toasting. It has a reheat setting, for toasts that have been forgotten about.

And the rest are variable browning settings so you can choose the perfect toast-iness that you prefer. And if ever you toasted your bread a little early, you can make sure it stays warm with the unit’s warming rack.

The unit has a removable crumb tray so it will be easier for you to clean it. And an added extra feature is that you will not have to worry about your kitchen getting cluttered because there is a cord storage available for excess cord. Get your Ikich four long slice toaster here!


  • Has defrost and reheat settings
  • Removable crumb tray
  • Warming rack


  • Controls are hard to see

A toaster that changes the game when it comes to convenience, the Ikich four long slice toaster is a wonderful step-up toaster to get for your kitchen.

Cuisinart CPT-2400P1 (B01LXQLRD1)

Cuisinart CPT-2400P1

If you are a fan of artisanal breads, you would love the Cuisinart CPT-2400P1 long slot toaster. It has slots long enough and wide enough to be able to hold artisan breads as well as many other kinds of breads.

This toaster has slots that are ten inches long and 1 and a half inches wide. Controls in this unit are large and intuitive, so everything about this toaster screams easy. It has a chrome housing, a high lift lever, it has five toast functions (toast, bagel, reheat, defrost and cancel). It has a pull out crumb tray for easy cleaning and maintenance. It also has a storage space for the cord.

The unit has 6 different brownness settings so you can get the perfect shade you prefer. And its slots have automatic centering technology so your bread will be right in the center of the toasting action.

Another plus for this toaster is that it looks great on your kitchen counter. So the Cuisinart CPT-2400P1 adds a touch of a professionalism into your toasting experience. Check out the Cuisinart 2400P1 long slot toaster for yourself here!


  • Has reheat, defrost settings
  • Pull out crumb tray
  • Cancel function


  • Cord is in the front of the unit

If you feel like you need a toaster that adds great toasting options and upgrades your kitchen’s look, then you would love the Cuisinart CPT-2400P1 long slot toaster.

Maxi-Matic ECT-3100 (B07HYW76FK)

Elite Gourmet Maxi-Matic ECT-3100

Not all value can be measured using monetary standards, and the Maxi-Matic SCT-3100 proves that because this toaster packs in a lot for its price.

The slots on this toaster are ten inches long and one and a quarter inches long, so it can toast 4 regular slices of bread. It has a pull out crumb tray, six adjustable settings for the level of toastiness you want; it has a warming rack to keep big specialty breads warm, breads such as donuts or croissants, and it has a non-skid feet feature which can come in handy at times.

As for functions, the Maxi-Matic ECT-3100 has the convenient cancel, defrost and reheat functions. This toaster is perfect for toasts, waffles, bagels, sandwiches or pop tarts. It is made of stainless steel so you can be certain that its build will last long. Order Maxi-Matic ECT-3100 long slot toaster kit here!


  • Has the reheat and defrost settings
  • Warming rack and pull out crumb tray
  • Cancel function


  • May not be deep enough for some breads

The Maxi-Matic ECT-3100 puts a lot on the table for its simple looks and reasonable price.

KitchenAid KMT2116CU (B00Y2KFX56)

KitchenAid KMT2116CU

If you want to make the simple task of toasting as simple as it can be, the KitchenAid KMT2116CU long slot toaster may be the best toaster for you.

It has slots that are ten inches long and one and a half inches wide, it has a high lift lever, an easy to clean removable crumb tray and seven shade settings. It also has the convenient cord storage under its base so it will not leave your kitchen cluttered.

The KitchenAid KMT2116CU long slot toaster has the defrost setting, reheat setting, bagel setting and keep warm setting. It has an all-metal construction and the high lift lever allows you to see the level of toasting your bread is getting instantly. And to make it more convenient for you, it also has a cancel function. Check out the KitchenAid KMT2116CU here!


  • Has the reheat and defrost settings
  • Pull out crumb tray
  • Cancel function


  • Can get very hot when being used

This is a heavy duty toaster that can be perfect for a household that needs a lot from a toaster.

4 Factors to Consider when Buying a Long Slot Toaster

Toasters bring in a lot of convenience to your kitchen compared to oven toasters. They help you save on electricity because the heat they produce is focused on the bread and not wasted on an empty space. They are smaller so they are easily better for saving space. To make toasters more convenient, long slot toasters were invented.

Long slot toasters allow you to toast at least twice the normal amount of bread you can toast in a regular toaster, and that makes it more efficient and convenient. But when buying a long slot toaster, you should consider other factors besides the slot dimensions, factors such as functions, extra features and looks.

1. Slot Dimensions

The main difference about a long slot toaster and a regular toaster is that long slot toasters have bigger slots so more bread can be toasted in it at once. So it is a no brainer that the first thing to consider about buying a long slot toaster is the dimensions of its slots.

First off, there is the length. When buying a long slot toaster, you should look for one that has slots than can hold two regular slices of bread side by side. There are long slot toasters that have slots longer than regular ones, true, but they are not long enough so two slices of bread can fit in them. To make sure that you get the right length, they should be at least ten inches long.

Second consideration is width. The width of the slots determines the toaster’s versatility to be used with different kinds of breads. The wider the slots are, the more kinds of breads can be toasted in them, not just slices of loaf bread. Slots that are at least one and a half inches wide can easily receive bagels in them, for example.

The third consideration is the depth of the slots. It is great if your toaster can fit two bagels side by side, but if the bagels are taller than the slots, not all parts of it will be toasted. To be truly certain of the slots’ depth, they should be at least five inches deep.

2. Functions

The functions of the toaster are what truly gives it its essence. They are the abilities of the toaster. Does the toaster have a setting for toasting bagels? Can it defrost? How about reheat? Or keep warm? Can I cancel the toasting when I feel like the bread is toasted enough? Can I choose the level of toastiness I get that I want?

It is those functions that make a toaster really useful. It is those functions that give you, the user, and the amount of control that makes a toaster a great tool in your kitchen.

3. Extra Features

Extra features are the features that are not really necessary for you, but make the toaster so much more convenient.

The feature may be the pull out crumb tray that makes cleaning and maintaining the toaster so much easier. It may be the cord storage that lessens the clutter in your kitchen so you can work in peace. Or it may be the warming rack that is available so you can use your toaster for something more than bagels and toasts.

These features really make a toaster more than a regular toaster. And if you want to get the most out of your bucks, these extra features are a great way to do just that.

Another extra feature that might be looked over is the build of the toaster. The build of the toaster guarantees that you can use that toaster for such a long time without having to worry about a replacement.

4. Beauty

Now this is not really necessary for a toaster to have, but it is a nice addition to it that makes you want to go and buy it. Would it not be nice to have a toaster that works great, have a ton of extra features, and adds a touch of pristine to your kitchen ambience?

All About Toasters – Most Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of toasters?

It does not take a rocket scientist to know that the primary function of a toaster is to toast bread. It can toast your slices of bread evenly and some toasters have the pop-up function which pops the bread up when it’s ready. This function prevents your bread from burning.

A regular toaster produces concentrated energy on heating the bread, which in return, leads to reduced cooking time. Compared to an electric oven, a toaster often uses six times less electricity.

Whether you want your bread slightly or fully roasted, the toaster can give you just that. You can adjust its settings to predetermine how much you want it to be roasted.

If it is efficiency you are looking for, a regular toaster is your choice. It roasts your bread faster and consumes less electricity.

What are the differences between regular toasters and toaster ovens?

Regular toasters and toaster ovens basically do the same thing – roast, though it’s mainly bread for regular toasters.

If you want the convenience of a toaster and is caught in between the two, this list of 5 differences may be of help to you.

1. Size

If your counter doesn’t offer much space for a big appliance, a regular toaster is your definite choice. Having said that, there are also smaller toaster ovens on the market that might fit your available counter space. There are also two in one units made with an oven at the bottom and a toaster on top.

2. Cost

Budgeting is never easy, you shouldn’t have to stray. Regular toaster is your obvious choice if your on a tight budget, they cost way cheaper than toaster ovens. But if it is quality you are concerned of there are top-of-the-line regular toasters that can cost as much as good quality toaster ovens.

3. Cooking Options

Regular toasters’ main and only function is roasting slices of bread one at a time in each slot. On the other hand, toaster ovens offer much more than just toasting breads. You can roast a whole sandwich, also bake and broil your meals. More modern toaster ovens provide the functions for reheat, defrost and keeping your food warm. The more expensive ones have functions you can use to prepare a wide variety of meals. But, even if using the cheapest versions of toaster ovens you can still bake pies and pizzas.

4. Toast Shade

When it comes to shades, regular toaster is the expert. When using a regular toaster the roast shade on the slice of bread is even and equal on both sides. This is not quite possible with toaster ovens. The bread is place on wire racks and is not under direct heat, hence an uneven roast shade.

5. Ease of Us

When it comes to ease of use, the regular toaster is the easier appliance of choice. Aside from the adjustment of settings to predetermine the roast on your bread, this one purpose appliance only needs you to put the bread in the slots and push down the lever.

Conclusion: The Best Long Slot Toaster – Make the Right Choice

Now that you have been given the best choices for a long slot toaster, answers to why you should get one what to look for in a long slot toaster, you should be ready to go out there and get yourself the best one in the market.

A long slot toaster is an upgrade in your kitchen that makes your toasting experience more efficient. And the choices offered to you here will certainly add a little bit of convenience. Now it time for you to balance your toasting needs and wants so you choose the best long slot toaster for you! What do you think of our list? Are there products that you think should have made our list? Are there more questions you want answers to? Let us know in the comments below!

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