Can I Eat Pepperoni While Pregnant

Can I Eat Pepperoni While Pregnant? Question Answered!

I believe that every pregnant woman wants to take care of herself in a way that will be best for her and her unborn baby. One of the biggest dilemmas that arise during pregnancy is the various questions asked about food; what food should be eaten during pregnancy and what food should not be eaten during pregnancy. During my pregnancy, I had a constant craving for pepperoni. I was constantly tormented by the question can I eat pepperoni while pregnant? Although my pregnancy was a long time ago, I remembered it the other day because my son and his wife had come to dinner. My son wanted us to order pizza for dinner and my daughter-in-law asked the exact same question! So, I decided to write this short text and remove all the dilemmas for all of you who are pregnant and have craving for this type of food.

A Definite Answer to the Question Can I Eat Pepperoni While Pregnant

Pepperoni During Pregnancy – Yes or No?

Every person on the planet Earth, and especially scientists, knows how important a period of life is pregnancy. This is because, in that way we create life, we create offspring that we take care of from the first moment it is created in the womb. We also know that pregnant women have an increased appetite and cravings for certain foods because they still eat for two right? There is disagreement about whether it is safe to eat pepperoni during pregnancy. So, a group of scientists conducted a study that puts an end to this dilemma. Their results say that pepperoni is safe for consumption during pregnancy.

Now, in every one statement, there is a “but”. The “but” that should be taken into account during pregnancy, refers to the preparation of pepperoni. Scientists say that pepperoni should be pre-cooked; i.e., thematically processed. This heat treatment is extremely important because uncooked pepperoni can contain parasites and bacteria that can lead to food poisoning; this can lead to catastrophic consequences such as the possibility of a pregnant woman losing her fetus. 

Therefore, when buying pepperoni, be sure to read what is written on the back of the package; whether it is heat-treated and whether it is properly stored. This means that you are free to eat pepperoni in pizza because the pizza is baked and thus heat-treated. 

Can You Eat Pepperoni Sticks While Pregnant – Yes or No? 

Speaking of whether pepperoni can be eaten, I believe the question comes to mind – can you eat pepperoni sticks while pregnant? So, let me answer this question for you while we are here. Pepperoni sticks are actually meat that is processed in a certain way. This way actually ensures that the processed meat will not spoil and that it will not be susceptible to bacteria and parasites (that is why they put certain spices on them). The pepperoni sticks can be processed or preserved by smoking, curing, adding salt or spices, or adding preservatives.

But nowhere did we say that sticks consist of meat that has been pre-cooked, right? Therefore, such sticks should be avoided. Although they contain spices that help repel bacteria and parasites, they are not completely safe. The only safe way to consume such meat is heat treatment, as we said before. If the sticks are not heat-treated (and in fact, they are not heat-treated in principle) then they are susceptible to the transmission of the bacteria listers. Listeria is a rare bacterium, but it is very dangerous for the health of the pregnant woman and for the life of her unborn baby. This is why such foods should be avoided. At the end of the day food is not valuable enough to take such a risk, right?

Cold Pepperoni Pizza While Pregnant – Yes or No? 

To be sure of what we are saying and what we are trying to remember, we will repeat some things once again. One of the things that should not be consumed during pregnancy is cold pepperoni pizza while pregnant. This is because we have said that uncooked pepperoni can be carriers of the listeria bacterium; this is a bacteria which is particularly harmful to the life and health of both mother and unborn baby. Peppers are allowed for consumption, but only in case, they are baked together with the pizza. In this way, pepperoni reaches a temperature that is quite solid to destroy the bacteria that may be present in the meat. But this did not mean that you should relax and eat this type of food constantly.

It is very important to maintain a healthy diet through which you will get all the necessary substances for the proper development of your baby. Keep eating such food at a minimum, i.e do not let it happen too often. And when you decide to treat yourself, keep in mind that it is best to do it with peppers that are heat-treated at the right temperature. So, remember! The answer to the question of cold pepperoni pizza while pregnant is absolute no! A pepperoni baked with pizza is allowed, but not too often!


It would be great if we who have gone through the pregnancy would be committed to helping the future mother answer some questions; as I answered the question can I eat pepperoni while pregnant. I believe that expectant mothers are quite confused by the new situation and the responsibilities that start from the very beginning. Just as confused as we were. So, it’s nice to help each other. I hope this text will help many of you who are asking yourself this question. Girls, remember! Peppers can be eaten only if they are cooked! All other possible variations carry a small, but still a risk, of listeria infection; thus, there is also the possibility of food poisoning that can have fatal consequences. 

Therefore, try to eat as much healthy food as possible. Leave pepperoni for some special occasions in which you can have fun. Never let it get into your habit because everything you eat is eaten by your unborn baby through your symbiotic relationship.

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