How Many Calories In A Bologna Sandwich

How Many Calories In A Bologna Sandwich

Perhaps there was a time in our lives that we are too busy to prepare food or don’t have the financial means to make one. During those times, we looked to the bologna sandwich. Bologna is the staple food for those in a hurry or those who don’t have much money. It is very simple to make, and it can provide for your daily dietary needs. College students particularly eat the bologna sandwich almost on a daily basis. Understandably so, these students are always busy with college life. Plus, they don’t necessarily have much money to turn to other food options. They know how college can be so expensive these days. But, is this daily dose of bologna sandwich healthy? How many calories does a bologna sandwich typically have? Are there any healthier options?

Is Bologna Sandwich Healthy?

Let’s first dive into what composes a bologna sandwich. Bologna sandwich, as its name suggests, is traditionally made of a sliced bologna sausage in between two slices of bread, along with different condiments such as catsup, mayonnaise, and mustard. 

Bologna is one of the quintessential examples of an American diet. However, its origins lie elsewhere, specifically in the Italian city of Bologna. This city is where sausages are really beloved for millennia. So how did it end up in America? How bologna sausages arrived in the Americas isn’t clear, but it is assumed to have been brought by the German immigrants. 

Bologna became widely popular in the early 20th century. It is cheap, and it kept the stomach occupied in the hard times of the Great Depression. Made from animal organs, fatty parts, and meat trimmings made it more affordable than chicken and turkey. In those days, chicken and turkey meat were only available to the high-income class. 

Is bologna healthy then? No. Typical bologna is a mixture of industrial waste meat. It is high in salt, fat, and cholesterol, and it doesn’t offer any nutrients at all. The only benefit of eating bologna is it’s a cheap source of protein. Combine your bologna with two slices of bread, some mayonnaise, or cheese, and you have yourself a bologna sandwich. 

Eating a bologna sandwich as a regular diet will fill your stomach just fine, but it isn’t healthy. The only reason why someone would eat bologna is that it is easy to prepare and if they are broke. 

Burning Away The Calories

A typical bologna sandwich has 331 calories on it. Plus, it contains a lot of fat and cholesterol. How do you get rid of it? 

You get rid of those calories, fats, and cholesterol by doing some exercise, specifically cardio exercise. Cardio, or also known as aerobic, is any type of cardiovascular conditioning. Typically in this exercise, your breathing deepens, and the heart rate increase. Examples of cardio exercises are running, cycling, jogging, and swimming.

Cardio exercise offers a lot of health benefits. Some of the benefits are improved lung capacity, improved mental health, better sleep, lesser prone to diseases, and weight loss. Doing cardio exercise for extended periods can also help avoid high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, and lower cholesterol levels. Of all the benefits of cardio, the one most people like is its weight loss benefits.

For losing the calories gained from eating a bologna sandwich, you need to do cardio for 30 minutes to one hour. You can burn anywhere from 280 calories to 600 calories an hour.

Another way of burning those calories is through lifting weights. Though the primary purpose of lifting weights is to gain muscle mass, you can also burn calories. An average person can burn somewhere between 200-400 calories per hour. 

Unlike your typical cardio, though, weight training will build those muscles. Cardio will make you look thin, but weight training will give you a bigger and wider look. Personally, I would suggest you try some weight training over cardio. 

Healthier Alternatives

There are plenty of alternatives for bologna sausages, especially so now. At times, the bologna sausages sold at butcher shops or groceries aren’t clear what their ingredients are. Even if they have some labels on what meat that is, they aren’t clear of what the percentage is. So you might find yourself getting a lump of bologna meat made out of 50% fat. That’s ridiculous. 

So instead of getting bologna meat, go for fish, chicken, or red meat instead. Fish is fish, chicken is chicken, and meat is meat. You are not getting a mixture of all sorts of substances you are not aware of. You are getting what you bought for. Today isn’t a time like the Great Depression. Chicken, fish, and red meat can come cheaply nowadays. Plus, they offer far more nutrients and more protein than bologna. 

If you want to build some muscles yourself, bologna meat is not the way to go. Get yourself some chicken, red meat, and fish. They contain creatine, protein, and iron, which will help build that muscle mass. 

To make your sandwich even healthier, consider adding some vegetables. Make the most out of a sandwich by adding tomatoes, lettuce, and onions. You might also want to try using mashed avocado as a replacement for your mayonnaise. It has the same viscosity as mayo without having as much fat and calorie. Though avocado has fat, it is the healthy kind of fat that is good for the heart.

In place of your usual slice of white bread, choose the whole wheat bread instead. Wheat bread doesn’t contain a lot of sugar, and it has fiber on it. Plus, with wheat bread, you won’t go hungry as easily.


Bologna sandwich is a staple food for the masses, but that doesn’t mean you should always eat it. You can have a bologna sandwich from time to time, but avoid having it as a daily diet. 

Sure, you perhaps can dave money right now. However, you will instead stack some medical bills later on. This food is full of cholesterol and isn’t good for the heart. So consider yourself investing in some cheap healthy sandwich. It is a better option in the long run. 

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