How To Eat Snails

How To Eat Snails Like a Pro?

Do you know that not all snails are palatable? Some aquatic snails are harmful. The terrestrial snails are often safe to eat. Consider collecting them from areas without traces of pesticides or herbicides. Some have an unsafe parasite known as the rut lungworm. This is why it is recommended that you heat them for some minutes. The snails taste delicious if they feed on human foods a few days before eating them up. You can gather the snails in a clean pail having a screen cover for ventilation. Store them in a frigid and shadowy area. Put in some raw cereals or vegetables and let the snails scrape. Spray some water on them so they can be damp. Also, ensure you clean the snails with flowing water and then dangle them away from the sun. This enhances the emptying out of their digestive tract system.

Ways on how to eat snails depend on;

Conventional snail decency

1. Getting Ready For The Experience 

You can start preparing for the ordeal. The escargot is made in regards to a certain time experimented techniques. The palatable snails are often cleansed before being ready for fasting some days. What do snails eat? Furthermore, they are fed with flour to improve the taste. They are brought up with abundant foods like leaves, grains, and fruits. You can also prepare them for consumption.

2. Learning How to Use The Eating Equipments

Edible snails are often given to stimulate your appetite. You are given snail forks, tongs, and a dish. The plate does have some incisions where the snails are placed after simmering.

3. Use a Napkin to Help Clench The Escargot

In any case, you are not given tongs since some eateries may lack them, you can grab the snail shell using the napkin. Clench the snail’s shell over your dish and get ready to remove the snail’s meat.

4. Remove The Meat From The Shell

After you have grabbed your snail with a napkin or tongs, you can proceed to take hold of your fork and put it in the opening of the shell. You can see a little portion of meat in the shell. Then you can pierce it using the fork and grab or curl till you are content with how open it is and then grab it from the shell.

5. Dip The Snail in The Sauce Given

Some eateries may have a very deep snail tray. The restaurants may have doused the tray with sauce rather than giving you another dish with sauce. While still holding the meat on the fork, you can plunge it into the given seasoning. As you still appreciate your snail, you can recount the same composition it has as compared to the other mollusks, for instance, mussels and clams. Because the snail is not the same as those in the marine, it doesn’t have a salty taste. This makes the spices and herbs used during its preparation to shine throughout.

6. You Can Take It With Wine

The most conventional garlic and butter making of edible snails go well with the white wines. Brisk wines with minerals are an option too.

What If Snail Eating is Not Common To You?

You May Maintain a Wide Point of View

Are you thinking that eating snails seem strange? Eating snails has been more popular since colonial times. For many years and in various cultures, techniques besides conventional drawn butter cut plate practices have been common. For instance in countries like Ghana, minor snails are used in seasonings. The other ones are used for either kebabs or soups. In Nigeria, the snails are often used in pepper stew.

Look For The Right Eatery-Where to Buy Snails to Eat Near Me

Consider researching as you prepare to start taking palatable snails. Find an eatery preparing snail the way you want.

You Can Ask About Your Prospective Dish

Remember that not all varieties can be eaten. If you are taking snails at a valued restaurant, do not be stressed up thinking of whether you are eating the right type. Different snails suit specific dishes. Besides they may have an uncommon taste.

Proceed To Order The New Variety

You may have a variety of species of snail to make your choice from. The species have different tastes for instance the spicy escargot. You can request for your new variety of snail. Some may have distinctions that are either not visible or appear tiny to a beginner snail eater.

Take Your Snail With Wine

Ensure your stress on flavor with the right wine. The tastes in the wine always match different foods with snails being one of them. Remember that wine that is more desirable for your given snail dish will rely on how it’s preparation is done and also your private palette.

The Sauces Available

It is normal for the cook who prepared the dish to make it while being careful about its taste and composition. The sauces given will always bestow these two.

These tips will help you understand how to eat snails without fear.


Snail eating is becoming more popular around the world. From the time you gather the strength to request snail in a restaurant, you may be given a tray with the snails. The equipment used when eating is also provided. Snails form a big enterprise for the eateries that prepare escargot. It is important to learn how to eat snails. This will help you when you get into a restaurant and order the meal. If escargot eating is common in your country, then you may have an easy time getting to familiarize yourself with the dish. You can also take your time to understand the tools used to eat the snail.

The foods are given to the escargot, human foods also matter. Consider finding the right wine for your snail, this will make you enjoy it even more than you thought. When harvesting the escargot, ensure that area is free from herbicides and pesticides. This will help you avoid grabbing toxic ones.

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