How to Spice Up Quinoa

How to Spice Up Quinoa – Creative Cooking Tips

We are all witnesses that quinoa has become an increasingly used type of food lately; especially because its healthy properties and healthy effects on the human body are emphasized. But we also need to be realistic and admit that quinoa does not have a particularly attractive taste. Not everyone can consume it without additional dietary supplements. That is why many people often ask themselves the question of how to spice up quinoa. Quinoa was recommended to me by my fitness trainer, and imagine I am one of those people who do not really enjoy the taste of quinoa. Therefore, I did a little research online to find out how I can change the taste of quinoa. I believe that many of you are facing the same problem as me. So, I decided to write this text and reduce the time you will spend researching.

Different Ways to Spice Up Quinoa

What is Quinoa?

In order to figure out how to spice up quinoa to make it taste better, we first need to answer the question of what quinoa really is. Quinoa is actually a flowering plant that belongs to the amaranth family. It is an annual plant grown as a crop. The seeds are the little things that people like to eat because they are rich in protein, fiber, B vitamins, and minerals. Quinoa is originally from South America, but due to the huge advances in technology and science, people realized what conditions are needed for it to grow. So, they artificially created those conditions, and today quinoa is grown in over 70 countries around the world.

How to Cook Quinoa

The question that now follows a logical sequence of things is how to cook quinoa. There are a huge number of ways you can prepare this plant, but let’s start with the basic method of preparation. The first thing you need to do is wash the quinoa; unwashed quinoa has a slightly bitter taste that is not very pleasant. So wash the quinoa for at least 30 seconds and let it drain well. Similar to rice, you should add two glasses of water to each cup of quinoa. Put the quinoa and water in a deep saucepan, turn on the oven at medium temperature, close the saucepan with a lid.

The quinoa is ready when it absorbs all the water in which you put it to boil. This usually takes 10 to 20 minutes. If you want, you can add spices or other herbs during cooking. When you are sure that there is no more water in the pot in which you cook the quinoa, take out the quinoa and serve it freely.

How to Make Quinoa Taste Good?

And now, we have to answer the two key questions – how to make quinoa taste good, and how to spice up quinoa? There are several recipes for these questions that offer the desired answer, so let’s start from the beginning. The first way you can improve the taste of quinoa is to cook the quinoa in vegetable or chicken broth. Instead of boiling quinoa in water, you can boil it in these two types of broth; or, you can make half of the liquid water and half vegetable or chicken broth. 

A second way you can manipulate the taste of quinoa is to add different herbs.

This is a very fast and efficient way that does not require any additional engagement, simply add spices and herbs and you automatically get a more attractive taste of quinoa. The third way to improve the taste of quinoa, believe it or not, is toasting. In this case, you need a little olive oil. Put the quinoa in the oil and toast until the quinoa turns brown. In this way, the taste of quinoa itself is greatly increased and accentuated, which is lost by boiling. The next way to prepare quinoa, which I honestly like, is to add garlic and onions.

To be realistic, when you put garlic and onion in a dish you feel like a top chef, and more importantly, there is no measure that tells you how much onion or garlic you should put in the dish. The amount of garlic and onion is measured through the heart! That is why cinema is no exception. If you want to modify the taste of quinoa then you are free to fry garlic and onion and add it to the quinoa! There is now also an interesting way in which you can prepare the movies.

My grandmother is from Italy and she used to say that any food can be made even better only by adding cheese to it! So when cooking quinoa, keep in mind that if you add as much cheese as you want when cooking quinoa, then surely the end result will be very tasty! And now for a sweeter option. You always have the opportunity to make quinoa pudding! Make quinoa pudding with coconut milk, sugar, and various fruits and simply enjoy the sweet pleasure. This way is certainly great for those who have a sweet tooth and enjoy sweet vices!


As can be expected from a huge number of similar plants, quinoa has a typical earthy taste that is not very appealing. That is why we humans look for new ways of preparing and often ask ourselves the question of how to spice up quinoa. The answer as you have seen is very clear and there is no need for further research. All you need to do to enjoy the health benefits of quinoa is to season it with your favorite spices and herbs. Also, as you read in this article when cooking quinoa, you can add additional ingredients such as cheese, sauces, and whatnot. And of course, for those who love to eat sweet things, you can always make quinoa pudding from quinoa and enjoy the combination of milk, sugar, quinoa, and fruit.

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