Pretzel Chocolate Bites

Pretzel Chocolate Bites

Pretzels is one of my favorite snacks. Salty and crispy and especially those with some sort of buttery glaze which elevates the taste even further.

Pretzels are kind of cheap and easily obtainable at any supermarket. However, the problem is that a bag of pretzels do not usually get finished. After having a few mouthfuls, your mouth will scream out for plenty of water as pretzels can get really salty and leave you feeling thirsty. So what do I do? This greedy creature will stash them somewhere, using IKEA kitchen clips to prevent them from losing their crunch.

So what do we do with an unfinished bag of pretzels?

It happened to me the other day. I was wondering what do I do with unfinished pretzels? Leave them lying in the kitchen cabinet? I was thinking about how it would be amazing to combine the saltiness of pretzels with the sweet milky taste of chocolates. Pretty enough, when any extras can also be used as a gift for friends and family.

And it’s that magic time, in this kitchen that I have managed to unite my two favorite snacks, unfinished pretzels and unfinished chocolate bar. I baked it as soon as I got home and decorated it with fondant hearts. We all need extra love and these little bites of magic are just amazing.

This is a very simple recipe and perfect for making with kids as its so much fun too. Why not just show them a few times of how this is done and leave the rest to them while you take charge of baking these bites?

Recipe: Pretzel Chocolate Bites


Salted light pretzel

Chocolate bars (depends open your choice – Bounty, Mars, Snickers as you wish)

Fondant about 50g for decoration

Food colouring – red


Stat putting pretzel on the baking tray (with baking sheet). Make sure there enough space between them as well.

Depends on the size of the chocolate and how many bars you will require.  In my case, I use 2 little bars on one pretzel. When all pretzels are covered with chocolate add the pretzel on the top to finish our magic bites.


Preheat the oven to 350 degF. Bake bite for about 10 min, but it really depends on your chocolate as we are waiting for the moment when the chocolate is soft, but it’s not melting. Keep a close eye on these babies.

I usually check every 1-2 minutes to make sure that I will get the tray out from the oven at the perfect timing.

When the chocolate is still soft slowly push the top pretzel into the chocolate so it will create a little sandwich.


For decoration, I use white fondant, which I coloured with red and made little hearts. You can use as much imagination and create your magic pretzel chocolate bar decoration to add your signature on the top. You can even melt some white chocolate or powdered sugar and spoon them on top of these bites. Or try sprinkling some funfetti.


I use little paper boxes to add a couple of bites. Add some personal notes and the gift is ready.

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