Scrambled Eggs with Cheese

Scrambled Eggs with Cheese – Heaven On A Plate

When I think of breakfast, but a breakfast that will not only fill my stomach but also provide an immense amount of enjoyment in eating, I immediately think of scrambled eggs with cheese. To be honest, I really do not know who invented this dish; nor when this dish was invented. But I can say for sure that whoever invented this dish was an extremely smart person who had a refined taste for food and that person was a real gourmet! So a big thank you to the person who invented this dish; I believe she/he was aware of how much we humans will enjoy this taste! But let us not deviate from the topic. What I want to tell you today through this text is a perfect recipe for eggs and cheese. And, I also want to point out some other facts related to this dish.

The Mystery of the Scrambled Eggs with Cheese Unraveled 

Fluffy Scrambled Eggs with Cheese Recipe 

Let’s be realistic now, who does not want a real dose of fluffiness in his scrambled eggs? So in this section, I decided to share with you a perfect recipe for fluffy scrambled eggs with cheese! Imagine how unrealistic it takes to prepare these eggs for 2 minutes and to cook for 8 minutes. This means that in 10 minutes you will have eggs that will look like they were made by a top chef! According to this recipe, you will have to serve two servings. If you want to have more portions then according to this recipe you will increase the number of necessary ingredients.

So let’s get started.

To make such eggs you need 4 large eggs, cheese of your choice, 1 tbsp whole milk, salt and pepper, and olive oil or butter. The first thing you need to do is prepare the cheese. Grate it, put it in a deep bowl, and set it aside.

The next thing you need to do is put the pan in which you will cook the eggs on the hob and turn on the hob at medium temperature. Then break the eggs in a deep bowl, add the milk, salt, and pepper and slowly start beating the eggs. What you need to remember is that for some reason you need to beat the eggs clockwise. Sprinkle the pan with olive oil or butter and after you beat the eggs well, put them in the pan and start frying them. Using a spatula, pull the ends of the fried eggs towards the center to make room for the eggs that are in the middle to be nicely fried.

Repeat this procedure repeatedly and you will notice that the prepared scrambled eggs will be in the center of the pan. This is a good time to add cheese. As you add the cheese, start mixing the eggs constantly, ie break the prepared eggs that are in the middle so that there is no liquid structure, but the whole dish has the same texture. Once you are satisfied with the texture, immediately serve the eggs on a plate!

Scrambled Eggs with Cheese Calories

There is no doubt that everyone who loves the dish called scrambled eggs with cheese, has asked himself the question that is somewhere deep in the subconscious – scrambled eggs with cheese calories? Now we will answer that dilemma. If we take an example in which one serving of this dish consists of two eggs and cheese, then we will get the following math. In general, two large eggs contain 144 calories or 72 calories from an egg.

Now, if we add the calories from the cheese to these calories; then according to some average value we get that two eggs with cheese have from 345 to 465 calories, depending on the type of cheese used. This may seem like a huge amount of calories at first glance; but, if you do a little research, you will see that in fact, almost all nutritionists recommend having a rich breakfast with over 300 calories. This provides the body with energy that will give it be needed to handle daily activities.

Are Scrambled Eggs and Cheese Healthy?

Many people wonder if this food is healthy and if it has a positive effect on the human body. What can be said from the research of scientists and nutritionists so far is that this dish is healthy for the body, but in normal amounts. In general, eggs and cheese are huge sources of protein; they are of great importance for the balance in the body. Proteins are ingredients that need to be digested in the body for a long time, so if you eat eggs and cheese for breakfast then it means that this dish will keep you full for a long time and you will not feel any huge hunger.

Eggs and cheese are also very good when it comes to dieting when you are trying to lose weight. As we have said, eggs in combination with cheese offer satiety; they are also a source of many vitamins and minerals that are crucial in the fight against excess weight.


The scrambled eggs and cheese are between us since who knows when. A seemingly simple dish to which many of us do not pay enough attention. But we must be aware that the real gourmet really enjoys the explosion of flavors that this dish offers us. A moderate dose of fluffiness, the taste of homemade eggs and a nice cheese; mixed with the smell and sweetness of the milk. From the very fact that I am writing on this topic, my mouth started to get wet! So, keep in mind that this dish is a perfect breakfast that will offer the necessary energy to the body. It will make you all full until it’s time for lunch. These two ingredients are a source of protein that is of particular importance to the human body. As such, they can be used in dieting and dealing with excess weight.

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