What Does Bone Marrow Taste Like

What Does Bone Marrow Taste Like? Yay or Nay?

Bone marrow is found in between bones, which are very firm when raw, but turn really soft and flexible when properly cooked; almost having the same texture and mouthfeel as butter that literally melts in your mouth. With these characteristics mentioned, bone marrow has slowly been gaining attention on American and European cuisines over the years. However, how humans were able to find out the consumption of bone marrow? How did we learn to eat something that is hard to reach? What does bone marrow taste like? – These could be some of the questions that perhaps crossed your mind when you see bone marrow on a plate.

Also, the nutrition side and health benefits of bone marrow remain controversial. So, sit, relax, and keep reading on as we try and discuss the facts all about bone marrow. Either way, you’re most probably here wondering whether to taste one or not!

Bone Marrow – What Is It?

During prehistoric times, humans will initially prey on whichever animal they can hunt to have it as their meal and survive. Later on, researchers have found some pieces of evidence the people will save their prey’s bones for nine weeks and crack the bones open to feast on the bone marrow. Generations have passed, bone marrow has definitely become part of at least of many cuisines. 

Scientifically, a bone barrow is where the red blood cells are produced that carries oxygen throughout the body. Bone marrow has been famous in most of Asia and on some European cuisines, and it has been continuously adored in several gourmet restaurants around the world. Actually, this can be usually found in high-end restaurants as bone marrows are really not that cheap compared to meat. Some restaurants offer a lamb, pork, chicken bone marrow but the most popular and most enjoyed one is from beef because of the bone size, thus offering more portion of it.

What Does Bone Marrow Look Like?

Before anything else, what does bone marrow look like? When raw, it either looks a tad yellow or red, depending on the type of meat. From the way it looks, you would rarely believe that it can really turn so soft once cooked. 

When cooked, the color changes from off white to slightly brown. You would also notice that the texture has softened since it looks oily and buttery. 

What Does Bone Marrow Taste Like?

Digger deeper, what exactly does bone marrow taste like? Some say it represents umami taste that is very and buttery in texture. It is somewhat sweet and rich in savory flavor. The texture can be usually described as supple, softer than gelatin, which melts away in your mouth, leaving you to crave more. In fact, some people sip it directly from the bone because of how soft it is.

If you are thinking the taste will be similar to other internal organs like the liver and intestines, you can separate bone marrow from it. In fact, when cooked properly, it tastes extremely creamy and really rich buttery tinge since it is composed of fat. Hence, if you are worrying that it could taste bitter, debunk it and try it at your favorite restaurant. People who have tried it for the first time have amazed them!

How To Eat Bone Marrow

Once you have learned to like the rich and creamy savory taste of bone marrow, you will then ask yourself “how to eat bone marrow”. Actually, there is no such thing as properly eat bone marrow because it depends on how it is chopped and cooked. Nevertheless, we have listed some ideas for you:

Tilt the bone and give it a slight poke so the bone marrow would come out (or drip for a softer cooked version).

Use a spoon to scoop out the portion of the bone marrow. It is best to have the bone slightly tilted so the bone marrow could slide out from it. 

Use a chopstick for a deeper reach through the bone. 

Sip it directly from the bones!

The ways mentioned above apply to a bone that has not been chopped in half. Thus, for a better serving portion, you may want to have the bone split into half before cooking it. This way, you would only have to scoop it using a spoon and enjoy the best of it without any hassle and mess!

Bone Marrow Nutrition

We know that almost everybody who had the first taste of bone marrow will more likely crave for more. However, is bone marrow healthy? Isn’t it high in cholesterol? – yes, it is. After all, bone marrow mainly consists of fats, making it high in cholesterol. Hence, take caution on the amount you’re eating. Despite it, once eaten within the right amount, bone marrow still gives health benefits:

  • Helps in cell repair and regeneration – bone marrow has myeloid and stems cells that eventually improve the immunity of our body, thus, redounding to the benefit of our billions of cells.
  • Boost skin health – you don’t have to worry about having skin aging problems when eating bone marrow, in fact, it promotes skin health as it contains collagen that increases antioxidants. 
  • Boost bone health – according to some studies, bone marrow is higher in calcium than the meat per se, thus, contributing to bone health.


Bone marrow has been continuously keeping our dishes more flavorful and more exciting, regardless of any cuisines, due to its natural creamy, butter umami-taste that melts away in your mouth. With this, it’s been considered as one of the favorite gourmet dishes in several restaurants over the years.

“What does bone marrow taste like?” – we hope we have clearly answered this question. Just debunk the idea of relating the taste to the bitter liver and kidney because we tell now, it is far from it. You may probably end up being one of the people who craved for more after tasting it for the first time. If you did, just remember that it is never wrong to follow your food cravings once in a while, like having bone marrow for lunch and dinner. So, head to your favorite restaurant and order something like it!

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