What does honeycomb taste like

What Does Honeycomb Taste Like? History And Benefits

Honeycombs are wax structures of honeybees and related species of bees (large, dwarf and middle Indian), consisting of ordered cells. Honeycombs serve as a repository for eggs, larvae and food supplies (honey and bee bread), as well as a place of residence for adult insects. The high quality honeycomb consists of hexagonal cells located on either side of the common mediastinum, which may be artificial.

What does honeycomb taste like? It is a unique product that is famous for its rich composition and beneficial properties. It has earned the respect and love of many generations. The most valuable and tasty is honeycomb honey. A feature of this product is its natural form, it does not undergo pumping, and it remains in its natural shell – honeycombs.

Characteristics and Composition of Honeycomb

We can say that honey in combs is an elite product, it is much more expensive than pumped out nectar. We can explain this trend very simply by its main characteristics:

  • The composition of comb honey is richer than that of its counterparts already extracted from comb. It contains particles of other beekeeping products.
  • High quality honeycomb is absolutely sterile, the process of its production takes place without external interference.
  • A small amount of product on sale. This is due to the difficulties beekeepers face in the process of storing and transporting honeycombs.
  • It is almost impossible to fake a hundredth honey, you can be sure of its naturalness.

The main disadvantage of this product can be considered the fragility of the shell, which is destroyed in the process of cutting the honeycomb. What does honeycomb taste like as a result? A significant amount of sweetness flows out of the damaged cells. To avoid product loss and maintain its quality, it is best to purchase a whole frame and not divide it.

How to choose high quality honeycomb?

The authenticity is the unique advantage of the hundredth honey. This product is almost impossible to counterfeit, so you can not worry when buying sweets and be sure of its naturalness.

Despite this pleasant feature, the quality of honey in the cells may differ; this depends on weather conditions and the care of the bees. What does honeycomb taste like, in conditions of rainy, gloomy, cold weather? The quantity and value of the product significantly decrease – the taste becomes less saturated, the aroma is not expressive. When exposed to high temperatures, honey is candied.

The products that beekeepers use to feed insects play a huge role for the performance of bees and the quality of honey. Sugar syrup is often used instead of a honey frame to save money.

The basic rules for choosing a hundredth honey are:

  • Thorough examination of the high quality honeycomb. They must be complete, with no empty cells.
  • Checking the honeycomb for leaks. The surface of high-quality honeycombs is dry, the cells are hermetically sealed.
  • Product maturity research. An unripe product is not as healthy, contains a large percentage of water, and its use will not bring the expected effect as honey health benefits would give.

Consuming honey in combs

After purchasing, you should figure out how to use the honeycomb. When asked whether it is possible to eat honeycombs, there is only one answer – it is necessary. This product brings undeniable benefits to the body. What does honeycomb taste like when it has high quality? It is a sweet dessert: cut into neat squares and chew. In the process of chewing, together with honey, unique admixtures of, pollen, blizzards are used. This leaves undissolved wax in the mouth.

Often, lovers of a bee product are concerned about the problem of how to use honey in combs, whether it is possible to swallow the remaining wax. There will be no harm from swallowing it if eaten in small quantities. In the stomach, wax does not dissolve, uses the role of a sorbent, and promotes the removal of toxins from the body.

With regular use of honey, it is recommended to eat it in the morning and drink it with warm unsweetened tea. Such sweetness goes well with black bread. With certain diets, you should eat honey in the morning on an empty stomach, after drinking a glass of warm water.

The benefits of honeycomb

This type of honey has many useful properties: it has wound healing, soothing, regenerating effects, strengthens the immune system. Nectar is especially effective in influencing:

  • Oral cavity. It disinfects well, heals ulcers, cleans and whitens tooth enamel.
  • Upper respiratory tract, throat. In this case, propolis has proven itself well.
  • The gastrointestinal tract. It has a beneficial effect on the digestion process, cleanses the body of toxins.
  • Cardiovascular system. Normalizes blood pressure, positively affects the work of the heart.

In addition to its pronounced healing properties, high quality honeycomb honey is widely used in cosmetology: it is used as a basis for masks, creams, balms, for depilation, and wrapping.

Potential harm

There are few contraindications for using honey in combs, but you should know about them before you start using it. They consist in the following indications:

  • The presence of an allergic reaction to beekeeping products.
  • Diseases of the stomach: gastritis, ulcer. Honey can infect the stomach wall.
  • Diabetes. With this disease, honey can be consumed, but in small quantities.
  • Oncological diseases. Propolis and nectar can accelerate the development of cancer cells.
  • Urolithiasis and gallstone diseases.


In modern beekeeping, beekeepers remove the honeycomb from the hive using a frame system. The basis for the new honeycomb is waxed wax on a frame – a thin sheet of beeswax with the bottoms and beginnings of cells squeezed out on both sides. Beginning to work on a new foundation, the bees first draw out the beginnings of the cells, and then build them up by adding wax they themselves release. The result is a double-sided honeycomb with regular rows of bee cells.

High quality honeycomb honey is a real gift of nature, a source of honey health benefits and energy. In addition, it is a natural delicacy that both children and adults adore. But in order for the product to bring only benefits of honeycomb, you need to eat it in moderation. Unlimited use of sweetness can do a lot of harm to the body.

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