What does oregano taste like

What Does Oregano Taste Like? In Cooking And Recipes


Oregano seasoning is a dried oregano (Origanum vulgare), a perennial plant in the caramel family. Sometimes, oregano is also called “wild marjoram”, but although marjoram belongs to the same plant family, they are still different spices.

The difference between marjoram and oregano is both in taste and aroma. What does oregano taste like? For example, marjoram has a subtler smell than oregano, with notes that are noticeably reminiscent of cardamom, and its taste is noticeably sharper. Moreover, both spices are practically interchangeable in cooking. But only oregano is used for making drinks and in preparations for herbal tea, since marjoram in decoctions gives too harsh and bitter notes.

In the wild, oregano grows in Europe and in the Mediterranean, and in some countries, for example, in the USA, it is specially cultivated. On the territory of Ukraine, oregano is also very common. For example, this useful spice is widespread in the forests of the western and northern regions of our country. You most likely even saw her, you just did not know what kind of plant it was. The wild-growing oregano looks like a low shrub (about 30-70 cm tall) with slightly fluffy stems, blooming almost all summer with small pink-lilac inflorescences, and it is indeed often found in deciduous and mixed forests, on hills, meadows and glades.

Oregano in cooking – what dishes to put and what to mix with

As a spice, oregano has long been widely used in Greek, Italian, Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine, and this seasoning is also included in some mixtures of spices, for example, the same “Provencal herbs”. In Italy, oregano is very often added to pizza, pasta, cold and hot snacks, soups and salads – in this country oregano is generally held in high esteem as a spice.

What does oregano taste like with other products? Oregano goes very well with the taste of soups, vegetable salads (especially with fresh tomatoes), as well as fish and meat dishes. Oregano can be placed in omelets and seasoned with potato dishes. The oregano taste and aroma is perfectly revealed in sauces – both cold and hot. On the territory of the CIS and in Eastern Europe, oregano is often used for dressing pickles and marinades, as a seasoning in the beginning for baking and stuffed fish, and this spice harmoniously complements the taste of mushroom dishes. Oregano is also used to flavor vodka, vermouths and liqueurs.

What does oregano taste like with other spices? 

Oregano can be easily mixed with a variety of spices. For example, oregano goes well with black pepper, basil, thyme, anise, rosemary, marjoram and tarragon, and is often added to capers and olives to enhance their flavor. 

Oregano is used in cooking, both dried and fresh. The easiest way, of course, is to buy dried spice in the store, because oregano can be found in any supermarket. But if you like to use fresh spicy herbs in cooking, then you can grow this plant yourself – both in open soil and in a pot. Yes, oregano can be grown easily on a windowsill!

When preparing salads, such as Greek salad, you need fresh herbs from this plant, but if not, you can use dry herb powder by mixing it with oil for dressing. Also, the seasoning is used for home and industrial canning of cucumbers and tomatoes.

Contraindications and possible harm

Oregano is a wonderful herb that saturates our body with useful substances! However, in case of individual intolerance to the product or due to health characteristics, this seasoning may be prohibited for use.

Here is a general list of contraindications:

  • Allergy to this and other similar products (spices, herbs);
  • Hypotension;
  • A stomach ulcer or gastritis during an exacerbation;
  • Disorders of the heart (arrhythmia, and so on);
  • Some problems with blood vessels;

For any chronic and acute conditions, you should consult with a specialist about the permissibility of using oregano for culinary or medicinal purposes.

Italian tomato soup oregano recipe

Wonder what does oregano taste like in Italian tomato soup? Look below

Melt fifty grams of butter in a heavy-bottomed saucepan. Finely chop a bunch of celery and simmer in oil for ten minutes. Thoroughly wash one and a half kilograms of fresh tomatoes and chop finely. Also chop three garlic cloves. Take a little oregano, parsley and thyme. Add everything to the pot together. Pour into the resulting mass one and a half liters of ready-made chicken broth; add five hundred milliliters of fresh cream and half a glass of vermouth. Season with salt, add a little white pepper and cook over low heat for fifteen minutes.

Meatballs oregano recipe

Want to know what does oregano taste like in meatballs? See below

To prepare meatballs, finely chop a medium onion and fry it in a little vegetable oil. Combine five hundred grams of any minced meat with these onions; then, add finely chopped garlic, one teaspoon of prepared mustard and one fresh egg to it. Season with salt, oregano and some pepper. You need to fry meatballs on moderate heat in vegetable oil.

Put canned tomatoes on the pizza dough prepared in a baking dish, pour over them with vegetable oil and cover with a thick layer of grated cheese. Sprinkle with oregano on top. Bake in the oven at 200 °.


Oregano – origanum vulgare (lat.), or common oregano. The plant belongs to the lamb family. This is a perennial culture that grows in many regions of our country and in the vastness of European countries (Spain, Italy, France and others), as well as in the United States. The plant is unpretentious and easily takes root in areas with a fertile (warm) climate and suitable soils. Since the oregano taste, aroma and beneficial properties of oregano won approval in the direction of cooking and traditional, official medicine, the culture began to be purposefully grown. Oregano is cultivated mainly in European countries and America. In Russia, oregano can be found in forests, in clearings located near water bodies. In our country, this plant can be found everywhere except in the northern regions. Many grow oregano in their own beds.

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